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Frequently Asked Questions - Tattoos

• How much does it cost? 

Treatments start at $90 +gst

• How many tattoo removal treatments will I need and how often? 

Each patient can be different in a variety of ways. Therefore a number of variables come into play, such as the size of the tattoo, the colour, where the tattoo is on the body and the types of ink that were used. On average, close to half the amount of treatments are required when using the Picosure, compared to Q-Switch nanosecond technology. 6-8 weeks is needed between each treatment to allow your body enough time to clear away the ink particles before your next treatment.

• How long does each treatment take?

Tattoo size will dictate the time, so it may only take a few minutes or slightly longer.

• How much does it hurt?

A level of discomfort should always be expected with tattoo removal, but most people can tolerate the discomfort well. We use a Zimmer cooling system to keep your tattoo, and you, as comfortable as possible. It’s always important to remember that the happiness you feel when you are free from your unwanted tattoo, will outweigh the short lived pain of the procedure.

• What can I expect after a tattoo removal treatment?

After, there is usually a whitening of the tattoo and blisters and scabs may form. These will disappear within a week of the treatment and the skin surrounding the treated tattoo will NOT be affected whatsoever.

• Will the tattoo disappear completely after treatment?

As everybody is different, a guarantee that your tattoo will disappear completely cannot be given. However, reports from patients who have undergone Picosure tattoo removal have been outstanding and have surpassed all other tattoo removal technology results.

• How long do you have a tattoo before it can be treated?

A tattoo must be fully healed and settled before it can be removed. A minimum of 3 months is recommended and a consultation is a good idea if you are unsure.

• Can you remove all colours completely?

Yes, the Picosure laser can remove all colours on the colour spectrum.

• Can a treated area be tattooed again?

Yes, it can! In most cases if you plan to get a cover up tattoo, full removal of your tattoo is not necessary. Any tattoo can be faded to make it much easier for a tattoo artist to cover the original tattoo. We can also tailor a laser treatment to target specific areas and/or colours of any tattoo.

• Will my skin go back to normal afterwards?

Yes, absolutely! The Picosure laser can perform any tattoo removal treatment without causing any long-term damage to your skin.

• I’m not good with pain, can I use numbing cream?
 Answer: Yes you can use numbing cream, we highly recommend and stock cry baby numbing cream. We recomend purchasing numbing cream prior to your treatment day. This is because the cream must be applied an hour or so before you get lasered allowing enough time for the pain relieving qualities to take effect.

• What is the '8 treatment guarantee for tattoo removal'?
We have such confidence in our technology and technique that we have an '8 treatment guarantee for tattoo removal'. If your tattoo isn’t at least 85% gone after your 8th treatment is complete, all remaining treatments to remove your tattoo will be absolutely free, no strings attached.

Please feel free to email, call or just drop in for a chat at the shop if you have any questions. We are more than happy to answer them

Frequently Asked Questions - Skin Rejuvenation

• How long will the treatment take?
The treatment time varies from patient to patient, but generally around 20-40 minutes.

• How long until I can return to my daily activities?
Downtime is minimal. You may experience some redness post-treatment which typically lasts around 1-2 hours. You can resume daily activities immediately, which is one of the true benefits of Skin Rejuvenation with Picosure.

• Is the treatment painful?
Minor discomfort can be felt, but most patients are able to tolerate this very easily. We use a Zimmer cooler which helps reduce any discomfort during the treatment.

• How many treatments will I require to get the results I want?
This will be dependent on each individual’s needs. A change to the skin can usually be noticeable after only 1 treatment. We suggest that 3 treatments one month apart will show excellent results.

• Are there any side-effects?
We supply pre and post-treatment guidelines for you to follow so no adverse effects are felt.

Please feel free to email, call or just drop in for a chat at the shop if you have any questions. We are more than happy to answer them